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Hi, I am Stephanie and I teach Equine Assisted Mindfulness with my horse Spirit.

I specialize in mindfulness for children, I'm a professionally published writer, blogger, and certified meditation teacher.

I also teach online courses and in-person lessons, sessions as well as retreats.

My job is to create a safe space with Spirit where children can explore leadership, confidence building, self-worth, and respect for self, others and especially animals. 

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The Path to Mindfulness

Equine Assisted Mindfulness


Since 2015, I have dedicated myself to helping children and adults feel more empowered, happy, calm, and fulfilled through mindfulness activities and practices.


As a skilled, certified and professional Equine Assisted Mindfulness Instructor, I work with your children to explore ways to grow strong leadership skills, confidence, relieve anxiety, decrease stress and develop life skills so that they can thrive and feel great!

I teach students with the help of my beautiful horse Spirit. 

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