Meditation & Mindfulness for Anxiety

For years and actually, for as long as I can remember, I've struggled with anxiety. It was at times debilitating. Social functions or outings felt scary, thoughts and worries/fears were top of mind. My stomach was constantly upset, and it affected every single thing in my life...

That was, until I discovered learned and then later became a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher. 

For the first time in my life, after I learned these tools, I felt: 

- tons more mental clarity

- freedom from the 'panic jail' I felt I was always in

- able to mange and cope situations such as social events or group activities with ease

- like I was able to know myself better

- calm, relaxed and able to let go of the things that were worrying me

- better mentally, better physically ( my stomach is so much better now) and better emotionally ( I don't react and overact as much as I used to) 

- 'normal' and 'myself'

- that I was valuable and that I could overcome anxieties with all of my mindful and meditation tools

You know what I wished? 

I wished that every Mom and Child could learn what I know, so that they can live their best lives and be the best versions of themselves. I know what it feels like. I lived with it daily. 

But guess what? 

With all of the tools and skills, experience and practice I have I can  honestly say that anxiety is dwindling away to nothing now. And I can teach it to you! 

Don't be fooled: 

It takes time, serious energy and serious effort. It can't be solved, 'fixed' or feel better fast. 

There is no quick-fix way. 

Grateful for my gift: 

I feel so grateful that I work with and share all of my useful knowledge which will create positive results for you. I've been through it, I still go through it, and I can help you find the mental peace you have been craving. 

So how do I do it? 

Through my online mindfulness & meditation course and program!

You'll 100% benefit and receive: 

- full life-time access to my online course: Mindfulness Solutions for Anxiety, a comprehensive and interactive personalized program that guides you every step of the way from anxiety to resiliency.

- a copy of my book & journal: 21 days of Mindfulness 

- one-on-one private coaching session 

- customized meditations that are easy, efficient and feel almost effortless 

- group Facebook video webinars

- support of a welcoming community 

- professional materials, course curriculum and support tools to help you become even more resilient. 

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