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Meditation Classes

It's time. 

To dive into your life and passions deeply. 

To soothe your wary spirit. 

To find ways to relax, and experience peace. 

A new series of meditation classes have been in the works for some time now, and I've been told: 

"It's time". 

Experience 4 weeks of relaxation, bliss, gentle yoga stretching, exploration and introspection. 

As a certified, experienced and professional Meditation Teacher, and a certified Mindfulness instructor, we will not only enjoy many techniques of meditation from breathing to chanting, but we will join together as a supportive group to help each other find the space and energy to heal from whatever we need healing. 

Located in Princeton, Ontario - these classes are intimate and comfortable, in my country home. 

For now, we'll enjoy the cozy country farm house, but in future, we'll enjoy the neverending country views and fresh country air. 

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