Part-Board Opportunity

For the more experienced horse-lover and rider, Spirit is currently available for part-board. 

Board is $200/month and includes: 

- 3 times per week visit on a mutually agreeable schedule in Ayr,Ontario

- English saddle

- English bridle

- English saddle pads 

- All grooming tools, shampoo, fly spray 

- Locker/cubby to hold some of your belongings and tack 

- Certified riding helmet for your use if needed/wanted 

- option to take Spirit to shows (at your expense) 

- Spirit is fully insured for travel and on-farm 

- Spirit can also be ridden Western, so if you have any Western tack, feel free to bring it and store it. 

- Access to barn 8am - 8pm 

- Boarder BBQs, great family atmosphere, friendly staff, great barn management, flexible hours, great owner! (that's me!) 

Riding lessons are at your expense, and I do have a preferred Riding Instructor but this is not mandatory. 

Board is due at the 1st of every month, and one month's notice must be given if you change your mind.