Adrenal Fatigue | 4 Easy Tips to Deal & Heal - 2017

A year ago I was told I had adrenal fatigue. I didn't even know what the adrenals were - but I could definitely identify with fatigue. Turns out, these little walnut-shaped babies rest on top of the kidney's and control your cortisol and that means stress.

Had I had stress before? The Doctor asked.
Hasn't everyone? I replied.

But the stress he was referring to wasn't every day stress - this was residual, sticky, hasn't left my body stress. Yikes. It was time for some healing. I launched my journey of healing from the inside out and things just fell into place.

So what did I do?

1. I took control of my health. Eating better, exercising gently ( can't over do it with adrenals)

2. I meditate all of the time. It's scientifically proven folks!

3. I am mindful. I am aware. I am focused and I try to live in the present moment. ( meditation helps)

4. I researched, read books, educated myself. This was empowering. I can now share my story with others and maybe help them too.

So have you ever heard of the pituitary gland? No? Me either. Yes? You rock!

First: the hypothalamus produces corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH)

Second: it stimulates the pituitary gland to releaseadrenal corticotrophic hormone (ACTH).

Third: These hormones, in turn, alert the adrenal glands to produce corticosteroid.

This itty bitty gland that is a power house. ( reminds me of me!)

Why are the adrenals so important? These glands have powerful effects on functions such as blood sugar control, electrolyte balance, immune and sex hormone balance, stress response. Pretty darn important right? They all talk with each other. Gosh, I love the body!!

So.. when they are not "talking" together it could be because of an obstruction somewhere along the way - and one of the most detectable causes and challenges come from the brain.

A few days ago I had to go in for a brain MRI. ( that's probably not what they call it, but that's what they were doing)

Not only was I nervous as heck, I was feeling guilty because I hadn't given my brain meditation in a few days because I just didn't give myself the time. I was too nervous to meditate -but you know? That's when you need it most.

The Endocrinologist thought that perhaps there was a tumor in my brain. (yeah.. whoa)

The morning of I thought: I should meditate. It will help calm my nerves but I just couldn't. I was relatively calm ( thanks to all of the previous meditating I do) but this was a big one. All of the "what if's" were racing through my mind - probably not helping me at all.

Now here's the cool thing ( if anything about an MRI) I was able to bring in music or a CD of my choice. I wanted to listen to something comforting so I took my Dr. Wayne Dyer audio CD in with me to the hospital. Driving there I prayed and asked my guides to give me a sign that I would be okay. I love science, but some things just need to be felt and experienced.

So when I got all robed up looking like the sexy mindful mama I am ( no pics, sorry) and passed my Wayne Dyer CD (sheepishly) to Pat, the MRI technician she said: " I LOVE Wayne Dyer!!" ( there was my sign) So we gushed about him for a little while, and it was time to hop in.

The experience wasn't bad at all, and I had Wayne in my ears talking about life purpose, and intention, living your best life, and noticing the signs everywhere. My mad meditating skills kicked in and I just relaxed.

When it was all over, and I was driving home I started noticing that there were monarch butterflies everywhere and not just off in the distance - but flying right beside me, in front of me on the windshield, and all the way home I saw them. Science? I love you, but explain THAT!

Only a few days later I received the "BIG CALL". Not publishers clearing house or the local radio station that I had won $10,000 but the hospital. I took a big deep breath.

" Hello"?

" Stephanie, this is your Doctor and I am just calling you tell you that there are no brain tumors what so ever."

( big breathe out)

" We would like to continue to do blood work and monitor your cortisol levels, but we are in the clear."

And to quote my mentor Wayne Dyer: ' I can see clearly now' that the mind is the master manifester. Whatever you believe, you achieve. Whatever you think, becomes reality. Deep down inside I knew I was fine.

We know our bodies better than we think, and so much better than we are lead to believe by health professionals who yes, are educated and knowledgeable - but they are not living in your body - you are.

Ask the questions. Be curious. Don't stop until you feel 100% sure you have the care, answers and knowledge that you need. Take control, be the boss babe of your health.

I'm still healing, I am still taking care of me, I am still doing things that are decreasing my stress slowly and digging very VERY deep to try to heal the stress and triggers of my past. With mindfulness, meditation, awareness and love for my self - I know I will be just fine.

XOX Steph

The Mindful Mama

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