Awakening Change & Growth

What is it about Spring that awakens change and growth?


I just haven't been able to put my pen down - and some sleepless nights have ensued because of it resulting in some pretty scruffy-looking moments. LOL

I've been creating books and journals for anyone with a desire to have more:

  • - control over their lives, routines and relationships

  • - love, passion and positivity

  • - connection with your children through beautiful stories

  • - badassery in their lives

  • - mindfulness & meditation

  • -support during challenging times

  • -self-care, laughter, self-reflection & introspection

  • -wellness and joy in general!

They say you should only write from experience, and boy let me tell you: I've got a LOT of experience! I'm excited to support you, share with you, and guide you on your journey - no matter where you are in it.

XOX Steph

If you'd like to explore my new books and journals, click here.

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