Beating Boredom Covid-19 | Top 5 Tips

I've heard this like a mantra in my home for the last few months:

" Moooom.. I'm bored. Why can't I see my friends. What can I do? I am SO bored."

So, being the proactive & mindful Mama that I am, I decided to create a schedule to combat and beat boredom in our house and so far? It's totally working! #Momwin

Here are my Top 5 Tips for Beating Boredom during Covid-19:

1. Create a schedule from morning to night. It won't take you long! I begin with breakfast, schedule in academic, creative and exercise time. We stick to it like glue.. it only took a few days and things just began to shift and our days felt like they had more meaning. Plus - my kiddo loves a routine and I find that most children up the ages of 14 love it too.

2. Weekly field-trips. We don't venture too far from home, and we always drive during the week and during the daytime. We've gone on a farm-animal-photography tour - where we drive around the country and have a list of animals we have to take pics of before we're allowed to go home. Even something as simple as grabbing a treat from Timmies and going for a nice walk does the trick. Plus? It's something to look forward to weekly where you can bond with your kids.

3. Udemy courses. I just purchased this great "how-to-draw" course for my son. It's taught by an Art Teacher and has hours upon hours of fantastic instruction and my son can spend hours doing this. If your child or children are the creative type I would highly recommend this.

4. Zoom calls with friends. It's not the same, but it does the trick so that your kids can connect with their friends and engage in some social fun while still being safe at home. I've done the same with my pals and it's a great way to feel connected in this disconnected world.

5. Nature.Walks.Sports. We make it a HABIT to go outside, go for walks as much as we possibly can keeping a safe social distance from everyone. We are lucky to live near a farm-field so we can enjoy nature and fresh air with all of the space we could possibly want!

What are your Boredom-Beating-Tips these days?

I'd love to know!

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