Captain your Ship | 4 Best Tips on Taking Charge

It's come to my awareness that while yes, I am a professional and a certified meditation teacher, and yes; I teach mindfulness to kids and have many certifications.... that I am still only just a student of life and I have a long ways to go, especially with my 10 year old.

Lately things have been tense at home. Many changes both great and challenging have been occurring and it's tough to manage as a kid (or adult, to be honest!). We've got all of the support measures and professionals in place that I can think of; plus we have a loving home, a willingness to openly and honestly communicate, fun, plenty of food, a roof, a car, pets, amenities of all kinds and the important life necessities that every kid should have.

Yet things are still tense.... We have been having a rough go. Our boat has holes. Sometimes we feel like we are sinking and both for different reasons.

Can you relate as a parent?

I was chatting with some Baseball mamas the other day, and thank goodness they shared that they felt the same. They swear, yell and have a hard time keeping their cool!! My soul exploded - I thought I was all alone, and turns out I am not. Neither are you.

Anxiety is present, and boy is it ever. This Mama is trying to remain mindful - but some days all I can do is just keep us both alive, while still trying to captain the ship as a single parent and professional.

There are times when I feel that I just can't navigate through the storms no matter how much professional training I have. I swear and yell too. Some captain, right?

There are moments, and sometimes days where I feel like despite all of my knowledge and awareness, I am drowning in the ocean of parenthood and there is no life preserver ring to be seen.

Waves of challenges sometimes seem so high that surrendering to the power just feels like the easiest and best choice. ( while it's not, and we all know this)

Without a doubt, there are also situations where I parent like a victorious warrior. I am running a tight ship, and my boat is sailing smoothly. The sun shines, birds chirp, and I feel connected to my child, while still rocking the rest of my life too. Anxiety is low, peace has arrived and the waves are small and insignificant.

What I want to be clear on to all who continue to support and read my articles is that by no means, am I perfect, and by no means am I always 100% mindful. It's okay if you're not either. We can only do so much, we can only give so much and we can only, truly support our children properly when we first, support ourselves.

I wonder what life would look like for you and your family, if you (and I) committed to changing the way we captain our ships?

What if every day for 21 days, you wrote in a journal or notebook, or on your smart phone or napkin the following questions and answers to them:

1. What can I do right now, to stay in the positive flow of life?

2. In what ways am I reacting in the same old ways/bad habits - and do I want to be a prisoner of the past, or a pioneer of the future?

3. How am I supporting myself today, or how did I support myself today?

4. How can I help and manage my family through some of these tidal waves? What strategies can I use?

The Captain commands the ship - and it's time to take command.

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