Catching Spirit

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that feels more thrilling, exciting, scary as heck, terrifying, and exhilarating than a pony who rides like the wind!

Spirit used to be a Barell racing pony and now I know why. LOL

Today I learned a lot about myself while bopping and flapping around like a ragdoll on a pony who felt like it was the perfect time to race around the ring! Being green and not having a ton of consistent practice, I for sure thought I was going to break and something, and you know what? I was ready to take the fall!

Proper Posture for Horse Riders is Key!

Giddy up has a whole new meaning now and I learned that I have a long way to go, and lots of patience to practice with myself and Spirit.

The beauty of being around horses is that there is always a lesson to be learned if you're open to learning it.

So as I dismounted after I finally caught up to his spirit, and well after I got him to slow it down with a big "WHOA" and "EASY BOY", I brought him back into the barn and reflected.

Horses really do have a way of showing you trust, 'spirit', patience, intuition, subtle body language, cues, and they just force you to pay attention.

So I asked myself, and horse riders out there will understand this:

" What could I have done better?"

Getting Back in the Saddle is The First Step

Yes, my first thought was that it wasn't me, it was my pony. He didn't listen, he wasn't in sync with me, he wouldn't respond to the bit and the reigns.

No. It WAS me. I didn't have a proper posture in the saddle, I held on to the reins wayyy to short, the bit in his bridle gives a little too much leeway, and I should have known that a barrel racing pony likes to race.

It was all me. Wow. Spirit is really keeping me accountable for my actions and it's refreshing, to say the least.

I also learned that Spirit is much more relaxed and calm in the indoor arena, as opposed to the wide-open fresh air in the outdoor ring. It's like he was made to race and the fresh air was his signal to go. And he went!

Don't get me wrong, if I was a more seasoned rider I probably would have had better control. And man, can he fly! His canter was perfect. When we had a few moments to connect, his canter was smooth and perfect and I just wanted to let go and get wild.

My gentle pony - the one who licks, and snuggles was running wild all over the place with me on his back!! Up and down the hills outside of the outdoor ring - I didn't know what the heck was going to happen but I held on tight and I went for the ride.

Life's funny like that isn't it?

How often do we bail when the ride gets rough?
And how often do we give up when we feel we don't have control?

Not this horse-loving girl! Not now, not ever and THAT'S the Spirit!


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