Mindful shopping, mindful living

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

It is not easy shopping mindfully these days, is it?

No one following arrows, people getting VERY close, and ignorance everywhere.

It can feel like a stressful chore even if you just need to get a few groceries, right?

Here are a few easy tips to practice mindfulness when shopping:

  1. Bring earphones and a relaxing playlist. (something soothing and calming)

  2. Practice walking slowly, intentionally. This way, you control your pace, and others will just have to go around you.

  3. Pull the cart instead of pushing it. This gives you a healthy barrier between you and other people who are a little extra.

  4. Give yourself permission to breathe in and out slowly, and when no one is around, pull up your mask just an inch to let some fresh air creep in.

  5. Only go shopping on 'off-hours' like early mornings, or right before close if at all possible.

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