Freddy the Teddy | 7 Best Comforting Tips

What comforts you? For me? I've had this scruffy little teddy bear since I was 3 or 4.. his name is Freddy the Teddy and he brings me so much comfort.

Last week during the height of the corona virus, neighbors were encouraged to place a teddy bear in front of their windows facing the street and children would go on a teddy-bear-hunt. We instantly loved this idea! I placed one my childhood teddies in the windowsill and my son did the same.

I thought about how wonderful it feels to connect to your inner child at moments like these and I decided to take Freddy on a walk in nature with me.

Yes, this almost 40 year old woman took a teddy on a walk.

So I grabbed his scruffy little body, held him tight against my heart and went on my nature walk.

Did I feel a little silly? At first - yes. Totally. What would the neighbors think? What would people say? But those thoughts were instantly replaced with:

I couldn't care less, this feels good!

As I walked, I was reminded about sovereignty and clarity, comfort and feeling happy and free. The times I felt all of this were when I was child. When my teddies could talk to me, when I made up stories, wrote poems, snuggled them tight and felt completely safe.

When was the last time you felt that way?

Onward I walked, holding Freddy tight and just allowing feelings, memories and moments flood into my mind and open my heart. I never thought a walk with my childhood teddy bear would be so fulfilling and magical. It really was. I also sat with him, meditated on a little tree stump in the middle of the peaceful forest.. that was magical too!

So here's my homework or suggestions for you: ( grab a pen and paper, write this down!)

1. What are some of the nice childhood memories you can recall?

2. Did you have a teddy bear, stuffed animal or blanket you loved?

3. What are the simple things you can do right now to get in touch with your inner-child? The one who doesn't care what anyone thinks and you do the things you love to feel great!

4. Have you ever taken a walk with a teddy bear?

5. What does connecting with your inner-child mean to you? Being silly? Resting? Snuggling with a good blanket on the couch and just catching up on rest?

6. When is the last time you played? Just ran, skipped, played or did something that didn't have a purpose like laundry, cleaning, cooking, organizing?

7. What comforts you? What makes you feel safe?

Find your Freddy this week - and share with me how it went!

XOX Steph

The Mindful Mama

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