From Mind FULL to Mindful during COVID

My Dear Friends; lately, have you felt like the COVID struggle is REAL?

Maybe you've felt like just giving up?

Nodding yes? Feeling deflated? Are the kids driving you nuts? Had enough of all of this COVID-CRAP?!That's a big 10-4 over here for me! I've personally been through the wringer since January and I'm about done! Let me share my struggles with you for the purpose of letting you know that while I meditate and practice yoga and mindfulness often - it does not mean for one second that this world can't rattle me from the inside out.

YOU, my beautiful friends, are NOT alone!

  1. First, I struggled at a job I had been at for 5 + years with a Director who was, in my humble and personal opinion, just a horrible human. ( I don't say that often)

  2. Then, I found what I thought was a dream job working with kids every day and it was a job-from-hell with a boss who was the devil's cousin. (I'm not holding back any more people!)

  3. Then BAM! COVID strikes and I'm knocked off my rocker again tryna figure out what to do next with my everything. (Cue the tears)

  4. Next, I started drinking A LOT. It's not like me at all. I hardly ever touched alcohol. I started making these delicious Negroni's and didn't stop for four weeks straight and couldn't wait until 5 pm rolled around so I could make my cocktail. (Yummy or not, this was a problem)

SO what did I do?

I asked for help and listened to my loved ones. I prayed. I meditated. I did yoga. AND? I picked up my socks, yanked up my underpants, and decided to make and create positive change. But it did not happen as fast as I would have liked, AND I struggled HARD along the way.

HOW did I create positive change?

One step at a time and I made a list. It was really simple. It was titled:

What do I want?

Underneath I wrote what I wanted.

Simple. Satisfying.

And what did I want?

  1. 1. I wanted to get back into horses again just like when I was a kid. I started taking riding lessons and I found a local horse farm where I volunteer twice a week. I couldn't be happier.

  2. I finally decided to stop dragging my feet and started writing. It's what I do best. It is my mission in life. Now I'm writing and making money. Bam!

  3. I wanted better health and wellness so I enlisted the help of my brilliant partner Dave who got me all set up on a workout routine and calorie counting app that helps me immensely. (I do have to admit here that I've been slacking on this one since we've experienced so much heat in Canada lately)

  4. I started to go on more bike rides because I wanted to feel like a kid again. I even have a basket!

  5. I started cooking more and reading again. I hadn't been able to since I was on steroids for adrenal fatigue - something about that stuff messed up my brain but it's back my friends, and it's sharper than ever!

  6. I wanted to stop drinking so much every day, and just have a little bevvie here and there and so far? I've stuck to it like glue. When I started making positive changes, this wasn't something I was remotely interested in any longer.

  7. I wanted to remove TOXICITY from my life and left a professional situation that no longer served me and it felt liberating!

  8. I found a wonderful therapist who works me online, and we've been uncovering and discovering so much about myself and I'm improving, so I'm feeling great about that too.

  9. I work with a team of wonderful professionals who are supportive and positive. HUGE!

So what's your " I WANT" list?

Create one today and take your time. Check things off. Talk with your inner-child and ask him or her what they want.

Here are some helpful links to get started:


2) Inner Child Journal & Book

3) My Fitness Pal App






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