How To Heal & Feel Happy Using Lilacs

How To Be Healthy & Happy Using Lilacs

I've noticed something about these slow and sometimes boring COVID-days that we're living in, and that is that I am learning daily how to be healthy and happy - using lilacs!

Who doesn't love a beautiful sniff on a freshly fragrant bush of lilacs?

Unless you have severe allergies, lilacs are by far, the most welcoming part of Spring and summer for me.

What about you?

So every morning I've adopted this new self-care routine that consists of:

  1. Going for a 30-minute walk (at least)

  2. Sitting in my backyard on my Muskoka chair logging my steps, and meals for the day

  3. Trying to read something that will help me grow and learn

Then, and only then do I start my day.

Do you have a routine too?

What About Lilacs?

As I was sitting in my cute little teal-painted chair the other morning, I noticed that my two Lilac bushes were completely different sizes.

Both were bought at the same time many years ago, and they were both planted in similar soil, and given the same amount of love and care.

They flank either side of my beautiful patio, and infuse an intoxicating smell that leaves me breathless every.single.time.

But yet still, one is much larger than the other.

Then It Dawned On Me....

One of the bushes is planted underneath my Maple Tree in a lot of shade, with a lot of roots, and not a lot of sun.

The other Lilac bush is growing further away from the shade with access to a lot of sunshine and a whole lot of space.

As I sat there staring and wondering, an idea sparked that I just had to share with you:

What if, we all decided to be like the Lilac bush that was in direct, beautiful light, with loads of space to grow despite where we were planted?"

Wouldn't it be incredible if we decided to take charge of our health, wellness, emotions and mental state just like that?

And while I absolutely love where my Lilacs are and how often I have the pleasure of sniffing them by stuffing my face as far into the bush as possible, I realized something else:

We are not trees or bushes, we can plant ourselves anywhere we want and grow from there.

So while all of these ideas and inspirations flooded into my mind, it was like I was healing during the downloading process.

A person can not truly grow, blossom, and live their true calling if they are always under the control, or shade of someone or something else.

Similarly, a person can not feel happy, safe, and enjoy their space to develop if there isn't room to do so.

It got me thinking even more about my recent romantic relationship.

I constantly felt that I was being controlled, told what to do, and manipulated by "shade".

I felt, for so long, that my purpose, calling and spirit was being squashed and held hostage.

I couldn't see the light. I wasn't getting enough sunshine. There was zero room to grow.

And now I understand the significance of nurturing, growing healthy, and having space to be exactly who you are supposed to be.

So Here Are My Questions For You:

Time for a little self-care and self-help work. Introspection and reflection, if you will. Grab a pen, paper, journal, or open up your notes in your iPhone and start typing or writing:

1. In what ways are you feeling unable to grow or stuck?

2. Who or what is giving you too much shade so that you can't grow?

3. Who or what is limiting your space, or ability to shine and be who you are supposed to be?

4. Is there a way you can find, that works best for you, to start growing and feeling the sunshine warming you?

5. Are you where you want to be, or can you pick up your roots and grow somewhere else?

That, my friends, was a little wisdom on How To Heal & Feel Happy Using Lilacs.

So in the coming weeks as the lilacs descend from blossoming, don't you dare descend from blossoming yourself.


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