Life's Curve Balls | How to Easily Catch Them

Just this morning as I was getting up at the crack of dawn - prepared and ready to enjoy my regular Saturday morning Ashtanga practice I noticed how beautiful the sunrise was. Pinks and purples dusted the sky and shadows of trees whispered that it was time to get up and flow.

I love my morning drive to Yoga. It's crisp and cool to help me awaken my senses and breathing in that fresh air helps clear my head of last night's thoughts - I somehow feel refreshed and renewed.

Arriving at yoga bright eyed and busy tailed, I stopped to notice a sign on the front door of the studio which read:

" Today's class is cancelled. The Yoga teacher woke up with the flu."

Curve ball. And not the kind I particularly liked.

Sadly, I felt discouraged and walked back to my car and wondered to myself:" What am I going to do now?" My mind and body had been so prepared for this class - something I enjoy and have gotten used to. I didn't like this change, and because anxiety still likes to creep into my life like a thief in the night, I felt shortness of breath and the "not-so-good-feels".

Have you ever felt that way with a curve ball? You've got plans, and then something just "comes up". Sometimes it's just not that easy to go with the flow, right?

I've learned over the years that one of my anxieties is not planning, or having a plan - even if the plan is to do nothing - it's still a plan. Can you relate?

As I sat in my car nibbling on my breakfast energy balls and my addictive Bubly water I simply asked:

" God, guide me."

I don't know what inspired or lead me to ask that, but I did.

Moments later, I noticed two regular yoga students from class and got out to let them know that sadly, class was cancelled. We enjoy a few kind words outside in the cold together and I decided that I would let them know that I was going for coffee next door.

The father & daughter pair said they would see me inside and they turned around to put their yoga mats and belongings back into their car.

I ordered my rich and hot cup of coffee and picked a table to sit at and relax. I wondered if they would join me, but wouldn't be upset if they didn't.

After ordering their morning kicks, the father asked if they could join me and I absolutely welcomed them. What I didn't expect was over an hour's worth of wonderful conversation, learning about their lives and travels, connecting on so many different levels of life journey's and bumps, while just sipping on a coffee because of a curve ball.

I'm beginning to believe more and more each moment, that curve balls are wonderful and interesting ways of bringing you to people and messages you didn't know you needed.

Instead of allowing curve balls to hit you in the face and bruise your days, catch them with curiosity and interest for where it takes you can nourish you and heal you in ways you may never have expected.

What curve balls have you had lately?

Have you caught them or let them hit you in the face and bruise you?

Make a list, reflect on moments that you could have embraced and faced as opposed to allow anxiety or annoyance to creep in. Don't judge, just reflect. What would you have done differently?

With gratitude for the many curve balls in my life,




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