Meditation for Beginners | 5 BEST ways how

Meditation can be something fun, exciting, and mind-opening - but it can also feel daunting, scary, and something that is unattainable, not easy, and a chore.

This is because until now, you've read all the wrong information about meditation and how to begin.

I know it's a bold statement, but coming from someone who's been meditating for years and years, trying every product, idea, method, and ways out there, I can say with certainty that I know exactly what beginners need and I"ll share this with you today!

Way #1:

Before you begin, ask yourself: (and please, just take the time to type this out or write it down in a journal. My favorite journals are from Indigo.)

1. Why do you want to meditate? Be real. No B.S here.

2. How often are you going to meditate?

3. What negative feelings or thoughts do you have about meditation?

4. What are you worried about? Scared about?

5. What will stop you from meditating?

6. What will KEEP you meditating?

7. What do you need to create a space in your mind and home to meditate?

8. Are you ready to truly commit to your meditation practice and doing it daily?

Way #2:

Accountability. Find someone (or someone's) to be accountable with or for. Tell the world, post it on social media. Ask people to hold you to task.

While yes, this is a spiritual process and journey that shouldn't be forced or pushed, it is also brain-and-muscle building, and the only way.... continue to stay on the path is through your own personal willpower, and through the support of a solid team who can hold you accountable so you can keep in check with yourself. Think of these folks that you choose as lean, mean, meditation-accountability machines.

  1. 1. Ask them.

  2. 2. Write their names down.

  3. 3. Ask them to help, check-in, ask you how it's going regularly, offer their experiences and advice, etc.

Way #3:

Explore. Try out different methods, styles, and ways. Here are just a few styles and methods:

  1. Primordial Sound Meditation. * you'll need a certified teacher for this *

  2. Guided Meditation * I love:

  3. Use Meditation Apps. I love:

  4. Incorporate Yoga. If you're someone who needs to move and just can't 'sit still' - use movement as your meditation. I personally love and practice with;

  5. Walking Meditation - talk a walk alone in nature, alone, and breathe in and out consciously, while just simply observing everything you see.

  6. Silent meditation - this is simply focusing on breathing, sitting still, letting everything rest and relax. It takes time and patience. You can choose to focus on a flower, rose, guru, or use a mantra or positive affirmation/statement.

  7. Mindful Breathing Meditation - using a variety of breathing techniques with your eyes closed, to help you focus and be still in the present moment.

Way #4:

Schedule it in. That's right - schedule it in at the best time of the day YOU like.

Not what anyone else is saying or teaching. You know when you work/feel/are at your best, open, and awake. For me? I am not a morning person. AT ALL. So I do not meditate in the mornings.

I mediate in the late mornings or evenings. That's what works best for me.

What works best for you?

  1. Put it into your phone

  2. Try it for a few days

  3. Change up the style, method, or way you're meditating as needed

  4. If you don't like the time you choose, choose another time and re-schedule it.

Way #5:

Start small and slow. Baby steps. Try the following: