Mindfulness from Squirrels | Best Tips for Survival

We have two of the biggest, fattest, juiciest squirrels who have been visiting us at 6am and 11pm daily. I know who they are, and I know exactly what they’re doing. They’re living rent-free in my attic!

Every night for the last week or two, like clockwork we hear them scurrying up onto the roof, and then tap dancing across every square inch into what I can only assume is their special spot which just happens to be directly above my bed. Not cool squirrels. Not cool!

They engage in what I will say “squirrel related activities” (from my limited experience) which sounds like one is killing the other in a screeching-scratching match. (I think they’re getting ready for mating season, but this is a PG magazine!)

Bottom line: the squirrels gotta go.

Was I flattered that they choose our house to snuggle up in to stay warm and dry? Nope! Do I appreciate their shenanigans early morning or late night? Heck no!

So how was I going to get those squirrels to go? A plan. I just needed a plan.

I have a best friend who has been there for me for as long as I can remember. He’s always got my back. He was the first person I thought of for this task. I trust him and I knew he would help. He’s tall, strong and agile – just what this operation needed!

So at 8 am on a Saturday morning, here he comes with a ladder, strobe lights, and a squirrels-gotta-go- attitude. I had my tool kit ready with a live cage, foam spray, repellent spray and that same attitude. We rigged everything up, got everything in place and felt that we had secured the premises so as not to let those pesky squirrels back in again. From the sounds of it, I think there were probably 100 up their partying every day, but realistically probably only two. I even fibbed to my son and told him that they were a rare breed of ‘elephant squirrels’ which had him pretty freaked out until I admitted the truth.

( hey – they did sound pretty elephant-y stomping around and carrying on!)

We all felt pretty sure that the precautions and measures that we just put in place would not allow the squirrels entry into the attic so they’d been evicted.

They were chewing stuff up, running a muck, keeping us up, not letting us sleep, driving us nuts, and worrying us.

Sound familiar?

Let’s give these squirrels names. How about: “Stress and Anxiety.” Afterall, that’s what keeps so many of us up at night, and deters us from being able to live wholly and fully in the present moment, right? And let’s just say that the proverbial house and attic are our bodies and brains. The body is the house, and the brains (or mind) is the attic.

How often have we let our own squirrels burry their way into our ‘attics’ and reek havoc on us?

What precautions, plans, and measures do you take to deal and heal with the squirrels inside your attic?

More importantly, how many squirrels are you letting up there?

One is too many, in my opinion.

So what can you do to evict these squirrels and use this example as a mindful lesson in your life?

1. Who are the squirrels? Identify them. Stress? Anxiety? Fear? Write them all down.

2. How can you begin to work at eliminating these squirrels? Not just getting rid of them, but

actually dealing and healing?

3. Who can you count on? Who has your back? Who can help you, support you, and be on your

‘squirrels-gotta-go’ team?

4. How can you properly and fully secure your mind/brain so as not to let these squirrels reek


Mindfulness means paying attention, being in the moment, being fully here and now. I want to encourage you to try to live your live squirrel-free – and see what kind of joy and present-moment awareness you can invite into your life, your house, your body, your attic and your mind.

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