Mindfulness with Spirit

Being with my pony Spirit feels like God is whispering to me through intuition.

We walk hoof and foot, side by side, and he listens to my voice, lowering his head in acknowledgment and perking up his fuzzy ears in protection when noise happens to spark our interest nearby.

Already, I’m sharing all my secrets with him, and with every word, I feel closer and closer to feeling healed.

And he just listens…

I’ve waited 30 years for the right time, the right pony, and the right moment to begin a healing journey that has marked its scars and battle wounds upon my soul for far too long.

Without so much as a word, our connection begins to strengthen and our spirits form a bond that those without it, have no clue what it could ever mean to this little girl who finally got her pony.

For now, Spirit and I are doing a lot of groundwork and it’s proving to be wonderful!

For instance, I’ll walk with him for a while, then jog as he trots beside me. As soon as I begin walking again, he does too. No words. Just feeling. It’s rewarding. He’s such a sweet pony.

Today I decided to test our connection.

I would take one step and see what he did – and to my delight, he took just one step too.

Then, to prove it wasn’t a fluke, I took two steps, and then he took two steps as well!

Third time’s a charm, and I took three steps, and you guessed right – he did too!

We walked and ‘talked’, grazed, and snuggled. I feel so thankful for this opportunity to love him and I promised him today that I would love him always. I think he knew I meant it.

That’s my Spirit! XO


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