Placing Your Order For Mindfulness

Normally, I am blessed to have a wonderful coffee-making-angel at work but every now and again I like to enjoy something different and when time permits, I treat myself.

So...... when I was waiting for the person on the "other side" ( he hee!) of the speaker in the Tim Horton's drive-thru to let me know when she was ready to take my order (which took a lot longer than I had expected but yielded amazing thoughts and results)

I realized something FIERCE!

I was excited to write about it today and share it with you!

WHAT IF.. what IF... what if (yes, three times for effect) getting in life what you wanted was exactly like ordering your morning coffee in the drive-through?

Think about it! You already know what you want to order, the exact way you want it ( double-double, black, one sweetener, etc) and you expect, that at the end of being very clear on your orders & after you have paid your fee, you will get the result that you clearly communicated!!??

It can be THIS SIMPLE!! You have to choose to make it so!!!

Isn't that the same in life?

You set out to accomplish something..... anything!! ... and you know you have to "pay your dues" AKA: go through the tough stuff in life to get to a good place in your life, and as an end result you get exactly what you wanted because you ordered it!!!

WHAT IF instead of there being a physical person on the other end of that ordering speaker, that it was the Angels, God and the Universe READY to grant you any desire you have?

What would you order!?

So now instead of ordering a coffee, you order your passions and desires. You're clear, exact, concise ( so that they don't "punch" in anything wrong ) and VOILA! Done! Order accepted, received and it will be ready for you.

IT CAN be THAT simple!!! The next time you really, truly want something like a change in life, new love, fulfillment, peace or anything else that you have a burning desire for:

ORDER IT!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little take-home for you: Each time you are in the drive-through practice "ordering" to your angels, God, Universe, spirit guides, etc. the more you put it out there, the clearer your 'life order' will be!

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