Have you ever heard the saying " guilty pleasures" ?

It's a term people use to describe something that they love doing, but apparently feel guilty in doing so.

And I think it's bullshit.

Let me ask you:

1. If you are not hurting anyone or anything, but enjoying a simple pleasure in your own life - why feel guilty?

2. Why does guilt automatically have to be associated with pleasure?

3. Why feel the need to hide or feel shameful about a pleasure in your life?

Here are some of the pleasures in my life that I do not feel any guilt for at all, and I encourage you to make a list too!

- sex

- expensive coffees

- going out for yummy dinners

- French martinis

- eating in bed

- red wine on a cold night

- buying shoes

- buying clothes

- making money

- sour cream and onion chips (Ruffles brand only)

- tons and tons of yoga classes

- a juicy meditation where I am not interrupted

- watching Netflix and snacking on popcorn

- chocolate with nuts

- facials at the spa

... and the list goes on an on!

What's your list? What are your pleasures?

Make a list and DO NOT feel guilty!!

xox Steph

The Mindful Mama

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