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Have you been wanting to either rekindle your meditation,mindfulness or yoga practice... OR start one?

Often times it's the starting that's the kicker... once you start and you feel the results, you won't want to stop - it happened to me..

Many years ago I began this journey. I had severe anxiety at times which was debilitating and I hid it very well from friends and family. I also suffered bouts of depression which I also hid quite well. It didn't feel right, but I couldn't "get out of it".

Instead I kept myself busy with other projects and people, doing things and being someone I was not. Instead of looking inward - I was constantly looking outward for validation, love, acceptance and I was ignoring me.

When I discovered meditation it was through my Doctor who suggested I try something she's been doing for years.

I enrolled in a class and the results ( I kid you not) were immediate!

I began meditating daily, and noticing my breathing was more relaxed, my mood was uplifted and I felt better. I was sleeping better and coping so much more resiliently with all of the challenges I was facing in my life at the time.

The more I practiced, the better I felt. Even if it was for five minutes a day - it was giving me noticeable results that I felt and saw - and friends saw it too!

I believe that the power of meditation, although wonderfully & scientifically proven by scholars and neurologists all over the globe, is in the practice.

So how do I practice when I lead such a busy Mom-life?

1. I schedule it in my phone

2. I am kind and patient with myself. Just five minutes a day sometimes? Okay - I'll do it!

3. I dedicate my practice to an intention - peace, calm, abundance, and often times someone I love - and always myself.

4. Sometimes I'll sit in silence, other times I'll use peaceful music and sometimes I feel like a guided meditation.

Note: ALL are acceptable. There is no right way to do this - you're doing it, you're trying, and you're practicing and THAT is perfect.

If you'd like to learn more, or meditate with me - I'd be honored to help you on your journey.

It has helped me so much, it is my mission to support and help others with anxiety and stress to show you that it CAN help, and WILL help!



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