Time To Say Goodbye!

Yesterday I was driving behind a really big commercial business van. It looked like an independent gardening business. It wasn't going the speed limit, and I couldn't pass. It was frustrating but I backed off and took it as a sign to just relax and ease up a bit.

Because I was so preoccupied with the (lack of) speed of the van, I didn't realize what the slogan said on the back, and it was like a blinking neon sign from the heavens was shining down on me and forced me to read it over and over until the van turned and was out of sight.

Have you ever experienced that before? A sign so obvious you had to stop and pay attention and be mindful?

It read:

" Find your path... find your peace".

So that's exactly what I'm doing. Actually, I've found my path and it's paved in peace. And I'm excited to share it with you!

So... Why Am I Saying Goodbye?

Well, after years of wonderful students, clients, workshops, and traveling to schools teaching mindfulness and meditation it's time to say goodbye and move forward with something different.

This year has taught me that I will only do what really makes me feel happy. I honestly felt like I was hiding behind " The Mindful Mama" for years, and as a result, I lost who I was. While I enjoyed teaching and being a part of people's wellness journey's, at times, it felt like a really big struggle to keep my business afloat and actually make money. I tried different ways, and business models, hiring, traveling, opening my home as a studio, and then booking out other studios.

All of it brought me joy, but something always felt a little off, like I was almost-sort-of-kinda on the right path, but just not quite yet.

I felt like I was running in circles, chasing my tail and we all know that there are no results in that cyclical method.

I'm fine-tuning my life, and figuring out why I'm here, and what my path is.

I'm also turning 40 this year, and I decided that the kind of 'look-back' I want, is where I am filling my bucket and not losing water.

What Will I Be Doing?

I'll still be teaching mindfulness and meditation but I will be working with horses and my beautiful pony Spirit.

I won't be teaching, traveling, or doing anything that doesn't involve my pony or horses. I've been a farm girl all my life, and that's where I feel the most me and darn it, I'm going to do what feels right and anyone who wants to enjoy it with me - you're most welcome!

I'll have an entire program where horse lovers or horse riders and coaches can work with me to connect more deeply to a) your horse and b) yourself through various interactive mindfulness techniques, fun relaxation activities, horse & human heart-to-hearts, intuitive interaction with your horse, or Spirit my pony, plus petting, grooming, snuggling and mindful breathing which will leave both of you feeling absolutely zen!

I'll be combining meditation, mindfulness, and horses as pet therapy, stress-reduction, anxiety-relief, and definitely, most definitely: back-to-school stress for parents and kids alike.

So What Now?

It's been a long time coming and because I feel ready and I now have my pony as my trusty sidekick, with the love and support of my wonderful, strong and encouraging partner along with my fantastic family/friends - it's the perfect path for me, and in turn, will help support so many others.

Interested in Learning More?

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XOX Stephanie & Spirit

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