Daily Inspiration & Mindful Activity Cards!

Daily Inspiration & Mindful Activity Cards!

These cards were designed with the help and support of my horse Spirit! 


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Born out of my love for a deeper connection with him, and the desire to inspire horse lovers everywhere to focus on softness, mindfulness, calm, breathing and bonding, coupled with my professional experience and certification in mindfulness and meditation, I hope you fall in love with these 31 individual and unique cards! 


What can you do with your cards?


  • Choose one card a day for your daily dose of mindfulness and inspiration.
  • Choose a two-card spread or a three-card spread. (details below)
  • Choose a card for someone you love and send a pic of it with a description.
  • Bring your deck to the barn or pasture, and have your horse 'intuitively' choose a card.
  • Bring your deck of cards to your friend's houses and create a fun night of inspiration and Equine-appreciation!
  • Choose a card before you get in your truck or car, and with a small amount of stick-tack or a clip, place your card somewhere visible as a reminder.
  • Place your chosen card in your bathroom in front of your mirror as inspiration.
  • Use these cards to compliment your Equine business for pleasure.
  • Create an event with these cards at your local horse barn or your own horse barn and then head out for a trail ride keeping in mind, the card each person chooses and reflect on this while riding.
  • Enjoy choosing a card with your horse, and using the message as your meditation while you take a silent walk or ride together and bond.


Whenever you work with your horse or pony, after a connection or revelation has been made, please be sure to thank them silently for their support and love.


Activities Include: 

- mindful breath work with your horse or pony to 'sync' up and learn to relax together 
- meditations and activities like petting your horse while breathing deeply to activate feelings of peace, calm and relaxation for you both
- fun activities that can be done inside the barn, paddock, or outside - while riding or walking with your horse as a means to help you pay attention, focus, and be in the present moment with your horse 
- interactive and exploratory situations like mirroring your horse while breathing, which is intriguing for the horse, and also an amazing feeling for the human!
- Taking mindful walks and 'talking' to your horse
- Learning how to step into your sacred power
- Listening to your horse and practicing being in the moment
- Learning how to PAUSE and reflect, slow down a little and be mindful in every action from your wrists to your heels.




This also comes complete with instructional how-to-cards, and meanings for each and every card to use over and over again so you get the most out of them! 


Shipping is FREE in Canada. 

only ships in Canada. (for now!) 

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