Cocktail delivery to my home?!

Comfy clothes and my fav friends? 

Yoga & Meditation to chill out to? 


Ohhh yes Mamas! 


Whether you purchase this as a surprise wine-ninja-party at your home or someone else's - EVERYTHING is included and delivered! 


We will pick a warm evening, and enjoy some relaxing, fun and restorative yoga and meditation in your back yard. ( Ayr,Ontario only) 


We will socially distance, and ensure we are 2 metres apart. 

I'll arrive early to set up in the backyard. 

Everyone should make sure they go to the bathroom before arriving. 

Please bring your own yoga mats. 

Sanitizer will be provided, so will plastic wine glasses, cocktails or wine. 

Everyone gets two glasses ( more if you wish to supply your own) 



1. White/Blush Wine

2. Red Wine ( please indicate: Merlot, Cab, Shiraz, etc) 

3. Gin,Vodka or Rum Cocktails ( juice and ice supplied) 



For just $75.00

You ( the host ninja)  pick two friends to join ( that means 3 total including you) 

Want more friends to join? Awesome. Each additional attendee is $25.00

All alcohol supplied

One hour (or more) of cocktails, yoga, meditation, relaxation 

Social Distanced 100%


Wine Ninja Party - Cocktails & Yoga

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