Gifts & books 

Create your own Gemstone Breathing Bracelets

Create your own bracelet!

- enjoy a mindfulness, yoga, meditation & bracelet virtual class

- learn how to use these functional and fashionable bracelets to serve as a mindful, relaxation and calming tool! ( what they were actually meant for centuries ago!)

- feel relaxed, calm, zen and peaceful afterward

- $5.00 off when 2 or more from the same home participate!

- Daytime or evening appointments via Zoom 

$30.00 per person 

Online Mindfulness Courses for Kids & Fam's

Zen & Calm!

Kids will feel focused and become better listners! 

The Mindful Mama presents: Mindfulness 101 - Zen Kiddos & Families. 

Enjoy over 12 courses, all designed to teach, guide and show you how mindfulness can be easily incorporated into even the busiest family. 

Over 8 + hours of instruction, homework, activities, breathing, mindful practices, interaction and meditations to help you find calm, peace and zen for your children AND for yourself. 

Watch this from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas, before or after yoga, do it individually or as a family. Great way to connect on a deeper level with your children or partner.

Doesn't that sound nice? 


Get your copy today!

Enjoy a beautiful, uplifting and bright book to increase calm and promote positivity!

Hey Kids!

Meet Birdy, a bright orange canary from Canada who tweets about being kind, staying positive, trying your very best and never,ever giving up!

In this book, Birdy guides you through positive affirmations, reflection sections, journal-style activities,worksheets, poems, and lessons in every story. 

When you buy a copy of this book today, you'll automatically receive: 

1. A free mini bag of bird seed to help your feathered friends in your town/your backyard

2. Free access to Mindfulness 101 Classes/Online Lessons (value $100) 

3. A donation of $1.00 will go to a local animal shelter - helping animals who need support,supplies, love and homes.

Cost includes shipping ,handling, packaging,bird seed, and online courses for kids!

$40.00 CAD

The birdy book

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The birdy Book Cover

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Learning how to Fly  PIC from the book



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