The Mindful Mama Team


Serving Oxford County and area, Jennifer believes that children need to be given and taught tools to help them navigate life’s stressors and fast pace momentum. 


She believes strongly that every child has a special gift to nurture and grow and share with the world. Jennifer is an Educational Assistant with over 20 years of experience. She's worked with children ages 1-16, and proudly has 20 years of experience specializing in special needs and mental health wellness. She's patient and has a gentle manner. She's perceptive & flexible to children’s needs. Her mission is to show compassion when supporting children.


Jennifer practices mindfulness in daily moments, pausing to be present in the moment, and being aware. Spending time in nature...around the campfire, in the woods, and at the beach with family is everything. Jennifer loves making memories with her 3 wonderful children.


Rebekah is a career chameleon having worked in libraries, fundraising, database management, communications, and event planning.

A recovering perfectionist, Rebekah embraced mindfulness six years ago after struggling with Postpartum Depression and coming to terms with her own anxiety.

For the past year, Rebekah has been honing her mindfulness practice and helping her six-year-old daughter deal with mild anxiety. Given her own journey and her daughter& challenges, she has become passionate about helping others cope with daily life through meditation and


Rebekah is currently pursuing her 100-hour Meditation Teacher Certification, and a certificate at McMaster University entitled in Mindfulness in Modern Society. She led weekly meditation and mindfulness classes while employed at the University of Waterloo and has started to spearhead
a virtual wellness platform in her new role at Conestoga College.

Although Rebekah likes to be productive, she has learned to see that busyness can lead to burnout. She no longer wears the busy or exhausted badge of honor and instead, takes many deep breaths and mindful moments to savor her life, especially her little family.


Stephanie is the owner and creator of The Mindful Mama and has built her business with the support of a wonderful team ( see above!) Her spiritual journey began at a very young age when she was hearing, seeing and feeling things she couldn't explain. She once had a golden light of God appear in her bedroom at the age of 7. She saw Jesus, and was embraced in warm glowing light, and knew she was meant for more in this life.

Throughout her childhood and early teens, she would always say: " I have a funny feeling..." and then something would happen within the hour. She also connected deeply with horses and nature. She was always outside and being a wild and free farm girl. 

A professional writer and blogger, Stephanie spends her time crafting creative posts and developing new and exciting ways to deliver messages about products, services, and lifestyle. Her specialty is mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and spirituality. 

A certified Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Instructor, and a degree in Journalism - Stephanie loves working with children and families both online and now finally, in-person! She is also a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher.

She has a beautiful and intuitive 12-year-old son, a wonderful loving partner who always supports her dreams, a healthy obsession for all things horses, and has faced depression, anxiety, job-loss, heartache, and life-challenges as well as beautiful moments like when she met and spent time with Dr.Wayne Dyer. 

Her Mentors and Teachers include Renato Tavares, Spiritual Medium and Coach, Dr.Wayne Dyer - Author and Motivational Speaker, Lama Jason - Buddhist Monk, Theo Van De Kam - Uncle and long-time Medium, Reiki Teacher and Numerologist, Susan Cranston - Ayurvedic Master at The Chopra Wellness Centre, Davidji - Meditation Teacher and Author, and all of the Teachers I knew and didn't know along my path thus far. 

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